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Video Processing Perspectives

2014 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2014 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Lisa on June 12, 2014

As the World Cup kicks off, fans are seeking the best way to watch the most popular football tournament in the world. More than half of the projected audience for the World Cup is expected to tune in online. Over the next four weeks, Elemental will support the delivery of 64 games taking place across Brazil in a variety of broadcast workflows. Content captured from multiple cameras in 12 different venues will engage viewers with game play, replays and highlights, while three popular matches – including the final – will be delivered live in Ultra HD.


EVS is among the Elemental partners working to deliver World Cup content. The EVS platform provides an end-to-end second-screen solution for live streaming feeds, multi-angle content and VOD assets to sports fans worldwide. During the World Cup, EVS will perform more than 3,900 hours of video processing (61.25 hours per game) to deliver premium live and catch-up coverage to viewers. EVS selected Elemental Cloud to provide encoding elasticity with the ability to reliably deliver high-quality, high-resolution live content across multiple streaming protocols. During live matches, each incoming feed will be transcoded by Elemental Cloud to generate a bouquet of 10 different bitrates for delivery to regional broadcasters globally via CDN.

Ultra HD

In collaboration with Broadcom and Globosat, Elemental is also supporting the delivery of World Cup matches in Ultra HD to sports fans throughout South America. Globosat provides multichannel cable and satellite TV services in the region and plans a special live broadcast of the final three World Cup matches in Ultra HD using Elemental HEVC encoding at 60 frames per second paired with Broadcom real-time decoding in 10-bit color. Globally, leading sports programmers and broadcasters, including the BBC, plan to take advantage of Sony-sourced 4K feeds to mount Ultra HD trials of the final tournament matches. These collaborative and cutting-edge technology efforts are sure to offer an interactive and immersive experience for viewers over the next four weeks.

The Power of Software

In preparing World Cup content for distribution, broadcasters are recognizing the benefits of employing software-defined video solutions. With solutions from Elemental, video processing can be virtualized or run in the cloud to accommodate an event with global reach and high viewership demands. In addition, the software-based approach taken by Elemental means migration to the new HEVC standard is accomplished through a simple upgrade, allowing broadcasters to realize 4K milestones that pave the way for the transition to Ultra HD TV and improved multiscreen viewing experiences. The flexible nature of a software-defined architecture enables the delivery of premium World Cup video content to multiscreen devices that would not otherwise be available to broadcast viewers. As the planet unites to watch the World Cup, Elemental is proud to be part of the process that brings viewers coverage of the event from all angles, on all platforms.

Submitted by Alicia on May 6, 2014

On Wednesday, May 7th at 7 p.m. CET, the Vienna State Opera will live stream the performance of Verdi’s Nabucco in 4K UHD HEVC delivered via MPEG-DASH over the Internet. This special occasion marks the first time fans around the world with UHD-ready smart or connected TVs can watch a live performance at this famous institution in 4K UHD. Since the classic opera contains four acts and will be delivered in stunning 4K, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons to watch the live performance:

1. A Classic Pairing – Verdi’s Nabucco and Plácido Domingo
Nabucco was one of the first operas written by romantic Italian composer Guiseppe Verdi. Authored in 1841, it is based on biblical stories following the oppression of Jews. The classic libretto has been performed at prestigious opera houses around the world and will feature the talented Plácido Domingo in the lead role. Not only is Plácido Domingo an established performer who has sung in over 144 different roles, he has conducted over 500 performances as well. With his strong tenor voice and dramatic tone, Domingo’s performance can now reach fans worldwide as he personally invites everyone to watch this groundbreaking live video stream.

2. Iconic Venue – Vienna State Opera House
The Wiener Staatsoper was built in the mid-19th century and is home to the Vienna State Opera, the Vienna Philharmonic and the Austrian ballet company. As one of the busiest opera houses in the world, it produces 50 to 60 operas per year hosting more than 300 performances. Currently, the historic Vienna State Opera seats 2,100 people, but the live stream will allow viewers around the globe to watch this classic operatic piece.

3. Collaborative Effort – Elemental, ETAS, Ooyala, and Samsung
The collaborative workflow for the live 4K streaming event was designed by Elemental partner ETAS High Tech Hardware Systems GmbH. Based in Austria, ETAS worked closely with the Vienna State Opera, Samsung and other partners to coordinate this historic event. During the performance, Elemental will encode content captured by a Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K camera. Delivery of 4K HEVC MPEG-DASH streams will be managed by Ooyala for viewing worldwide via a custom Samsung connected TV application and PC-based application. Elemental will also encode content for a for 65-inch Samsung connected TV for public viewing at the opera house.

4. Transcend Distance – Innovative Technology Delivers Culture
Decades ago, the only ways to enjoy opera was to listen to it on the radio or attend a live performance. With innovative technology from Elemental and the creativity of the Vienna State Opera, fans around the world now have the opportunity to enjoy this event in stunning 4K. Elemental remains the only vendor who can offer a complete solution for real-time 4K HEVC video delivery. Streaming artistic performances in ultra high-definition lets viewers enjoy an immersive, captivating and cultural experience.

Streaming content in UHD 4K is an extremely relevant topic in the video industry, with many trials successfully proving the end-to-end technology. However, the content is often confined to sporting events (like Elemental’s participation in last week’s Sky Deutschland football match) and movies and TV shows (as Netflix has ramped its efforts and is now offering UHD 4K content for customers). In 2010, Elemental supported the live streaming of an Imogen Heap concert in HD and just four short years later, innovative content providers and leading technology companies continue to advance the online media experience. Elemental remains proud of the impact we can have by making educational and cultural content available to the world at large.

Submitted by Alicia on April 22, 2014

Elemental green extends well beyond our brandmark. It also represents the healthy culture we strive to create on a daily basis. Recognized and respected as a “green” company within the community, Elemental employees are encouraged to contribute to a healthy environment and increased sustainability. On Earth Day, we not only see an opportunity to assess how well we’re supporting our community, but also reflect upon ways to improve our efforts.

To celebrate Earth Day 2014, Elemental is participating in a neighborhood cleanup at a local park. Throughout the year, Elemental employees are dedicated to giving back, regular volunteering and investing in our community. Our efforts have three primary areas of focus: education, hunger and environment, and last year, Elemental employees volunteered more than 1,000 hours with a 75% participation rate.

Living in beautiful Portland makes it easy for employees to take advantage of several environmentally friendly commuting options. Elemental provides public transit passes, shared vehicle access and support for bike commuting. A recent survey of employees found that 85% of commutes to Elemental headquarters are non-single-occupancy-vehicle trips, whether they are by public transit, bike, on foot, in a carpool or via a car share service.

Recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon, Elemental creates a high-performance, positive culture invested in its community. If you’re interested in joining our talented team, take a look at our current open positions.