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Video Processing Perspectives

2013 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2013 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Keith on December 10, 2013

Elemental returned to London this week, a city noted in the video industry for showcasing the world’s first broadcast television transmission. On January 26, 1926, John Logie Baird demonstrated a live television broadcast for members of the Royal Institution and a reporter from The Times of London in his laboratory at 22 Frith Street in the Soho district.

A Day Of 4K

Over the past year, Elemental has tackled a series of innovations in 4K Ultra HD video transmission, culminating in Japan at the Osaka Marathon in October with the first-ever demonstration of real-time HEVC 4K compression at 30 frames per second. Less than two months later, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible again as we showcase another world’s first – real-time 4Kp60 video compression using the HEVC codec and the full power of Elemental Live. For this demonstration, like Baird’s nearly 90 years ago, industry luminaries and press from the UK were invited to the Hotel Pullman St. Pancras (alas, the staircase at 22 Frith is not conducive to an 84” monitor).

It is early days for 4K Ultra HD video, with the ecosystem, including required delivery and viewing infrastructure, just emerging. 4K UHD video promises higher quality on larger screens, and a near immersive experience for viewers. Sports, arguably the most monetizable form of media content, demands an ever-increasing level of quality. But, to date, industry demonstrations of 4K video have been stuck with orchestrated content, often in slow motion with scenes of colorful, highly artistic intent, but with little connection to the killer app for 4K – sports.

Sixty frames per second is critical for the fast motion of sports shot in native 4K. It eliminates the judder associated with 24 and 30 frames per second. To date, a dearth of source material is available to showcase full frame rate 4K sports content. So Elemental took the matter into our own hands.

For our “pitch” in London, Elemental went to the pitch in Portland and filmed some serious football, futbol, soccer – the one with the round ball and ravenous fans. The event was the semi-final of the western conference playoffs between Major League Soccer’s most heated rivals – the Portland Timbers vs. the Seattle Sounders. Elemental came to the match with a 4K RED Epic camera and top of the line Canon lens in hand and shot video of the game with the blessing of the Timbers’ organization. In the end, the footage was mesmerizing, and needless to say challenging to encode.

4K Timbers Capture

"The moment I hit record, I can usually concentrate solely on the composition of a shot and sharpness of the focus, but this time I found that a little difficult. Just how cool and fun the experience was shooting on a RED Epic was too exciting to ignore! Knowing that what I was doing was going to alter the business added a lot of weight to the task.”

— Gil M., Videographer at Elemental

To learn more about the demonstration Elemental debuted in London and the future of live 4K Ultra HD HEVC content delivery, read our white paper.

Submitted by Jeremy on October 18, 2013

This week, Elemental is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to exhibit at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo. The annual event brings together experts from the industry's top companies and showcases the latest in cable telecommunications technology. This year, Elemental is highlighting a series of cutting-edge demonstrations including real-time 4K HEVC video processing, low bitrate MPEG-2 encoding, and live and file-based workflows running in the cloud. These critical advancements help pay TV operators effectively and efficiently distribute multiscreen video with an eye towards the future.

With an innovative approach to multiscreen video delivery, Elemental has seen significant wins in the cable market: 

  • In 2011, Comcast selected Elemental to convert on-demand content for XfinityTV.com.
  • In 2012, Columbus Communications chose Elemental to drive its live and on-demand multiscreen video strategy. 
  • Earlier this year, Comcast again leveraged Elemental to converge its multiscreen and MPEG-2 video processing on Elemental's unified architecture
  • Last month, Telefónica selected Elemental systems to accelerate video processing for its Global Video Platform.

Elemental 4K

As the requirements for multiscreen video distribution evolve, each of these companies can benefit from the flexible architecture Elemental offers with its software-based approach to video processing. In just the last year, Elemental has reached multiple milestones in its award-winning implementation of HEVC, including 4K HEVC file-based encoding, support for 4Kp60 10-bit HEVC video processing and now the debut of real-time 4K HEVC at SCTE.

You can view real-time 4K HEVC video for yourself at the Elemental booth 735 at SCTE. Exhibits are open October 22-24 and you can register here for a complimentary exhibit pass with Elemental VIP code 46710. For more detailed information about the demonstrations we are bringing to the show, check out our SCTE rundown. We hope to see you in Atlanta!

Submitted by Jeremy on October 10, 2013

Elemental is headed to industry events all around the world this fall. Connect with us at an upcoming event or trade show in your region to learn about the latest innovations in multiscreen video delivery, including real-time 4K HEVC processing, and see how we can help support your particular application. Below is a list of opportunities to meet with Elemental representatives in the next two months.

Elemental Everywhere

Join us in for a drink in Monaco - Hear us speak in Mumbai - Visit our booth in Rio de Janeiro - See 4K HEVC video in Hollywood - Enjoy breakfast with our CEO in Hong Kong - See real-time 4K HEVC in Atlanta - Learn about the future of video in Dubai - See cloud-based transcoding in New York - Experience 4K sports entertainment in Tokyo.

If you missed IBC last month or haven’t visited with us lately, you’ll have a chance to see Elemental soon at an event near you. Our team can talk through opportunities and challenges specific to delivering high quality video to any device, anytime, all at once. Make an appointment to see us.

Dates Show Location
Oct. 14-17 Sportel Monaco Monaco
Oct. 18 Digital Media India Mumbai
Oct. 21 NexTV Summit Rio de Janeiro
Oct. 21-24 SMPTE Hollywood, CA
Oct. 22-24 CASBAA Hong Kong
Oct. 22-24 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Atlanta, GA
Nov. 5-6 TV Connect MENA Dubai
Nov. 13-14 CCW Expo New York, NY
Nov. 13-15 Inter BEE Tokyo

IBC 2013

Check our events page for booth numbers and more detailed information about our upcoming shows. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit Elemental this fall, learn more about our advancements in HEVC, 4K Ultra HD and cloud-based video processing on our website.

Thank you, gracias, merci, 谢谢 and ありがとう. We look forward to seeing you soon!