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2011 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2011 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by whitney on April 22, 2011

Earth Day ImageIn 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 International Mother Earth Day to encourage recognition and awareness of the Earth’s natural environment. At Elemental, we strive to live every day like it’s Earth Day by diligently recycling, composting, choosing alternative methods of transportation and volunteering in our community here in Portland.

By providing benefits such as TriMet passes and Zipcar memberships to every employee, as well as offering on-site storage for those who bike to work, Elemental places in the top five of the 112 best Portland employers for low-car commuters in the April 2011 edition of Portland Afoot magazine. Among the top five organizations are the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Trust of Oregon, so we know we're on the right track!

In February, Elemental kicked off its annual company volunteer program by manning the telephones during a live TV event for Oregon Public Broadcasting, helping to raise more than $66K in a single evening. What a blast that was! At the end of April, we’ll get down and dirty at our second community service event of the year, Rebuilding Together, where an Elemental team will repair and rejuvenate the home of a family that requires a helping hand. In addition, we have a variety of community service events planned throughout the year including food service to the hungry at Blanchet House and trail restoration at Forest Park

Now it's time to shut down my computer and get outside to enjoy what's left of the Earth Day sunshine! 

Submitted by Keith on April 6, 2011

As the digital media industry prepares for its annual trek to NAB, we thought we'd take a brief pause from the frenzy and present a look at the broad changes to the video landscape over time. Today, we stand on the precipice of an expanding video universe unlike anything we’ve seen in the past 60 years. Until very recently, suppliers and consumers of media saw fairly linear growth of TV channels and available video content; even the deluge of content that arrived with HDTV five years ago was miniscule compared to the amount of media now accessible with video-enabled IP devices. 

Expanding Universe Infographic
[Click to enlarge]

In 1948, mass production of black and white televisions revolutionized entertainment, bringing professionally produced video content into the home for the first time. TV in the home made the dissemination of information more fluid, provided a boom for programming networks and paved the way for successive innovations in the media world.

After the initial rabbit ears came color TV, then cable TV, digital TV, satellite TV, and most recently, HDTV. Each decade of advancement in technology drove a hand-in-hand exchange between supply and demand that by Y2K left us staring at hundreds of linear content channels and wondering: Where will media mulitply next? 

We all recall the questions from a decade ago: “How can I keep up with all this information?”; “Why do I have 100 channels to watch only five?”; “Why do I pay 50, 75 or 100 dollars a month for, well, pixels?” Today we ask, “Just how big is the breadbox?”

To get our arms around it, Elemental took data from Nielsen along with industry reports regarding the number of channels available to consumers in each decade and then overlaid various growth factors for the replication of content needed to simultaneously deliver video to HDTVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices using traditional and adaptive streaming technologies. The number of original hours of content produced in each decade is astounding. Have a look at our infographic that illustrates this exponential growth over time.

The video universe is expanding more rapidly than ever before – enjoy the ride. And, if you're in Las Vegas for NAB next week, be sure to stop by booth SU8502 and see the video processing solutions Elemental has built to address the challenges of this new era. 

Submitted by Lisa on March 10, 2011

Streaming Media Editors' PickWhat do Elemental Live, the Apple iPad and the former star of Two and a Half Men have in common? They're all coming up big #winners this week. And we're not just saying this to our improve our SEO!

Streaming Media Magazine named Elemental Live a 2011 Editors' Pick, recognizing it as one of the year’s ten outstanding streaming video products. Streaming Media declares that these technologies represent advances that “deserve praise without reservation.” As an Editors’ Pick, Elemental Live finds itself in excellent company alongside Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine, the iPad, the WebM codec and the HTML5 video tag. Even better, Tim Siglin of Streaming Media calls Elemental Live a standard-setter in his summary remarks about Elemental's flagship encoding solution: 

“One year after the company showed off its file-based transcoding system, Elemental Server, the company is back with its GPU-based live encoding solution named, aptly, Elemental Live. In tests done in mid- to late 2010, the Elemental Live solution was able to handle a sizable number of profiles—from IPTV to mobile to web—on a single unit so well that it sets a standard for digital signal processing and general purpose computing-based encoding systems to match.”

Because winning is such a hot topic right now, we're extra pleased with the timing. Seriously, we're truly humbled by the selection and honored to be standing alongside the likes of Google, Adobe and Apple with Streaming Media's selection.