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Video Processing Perspectives

2009 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2009 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Lisa on October 23, 2009

Elemental is pleased to announce the release of Elemental Accelerator 2.2 for Windows, an important update to its GPU-accelerated video processing plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4. With the release of 2.2, Elemental Accelerator provides support for video encoding using multiple NVIDIA Quadro FX GPUs.  Multi-GPU functionality efficiently divides the encoding workload among all supported GPUs in a system, radically increasing overall export speed and performance. A multi-GPU implementation is well-suited to platforms with multiple PCI-E slots available to accommodate more than one NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics card, such as Z Series workstations from HP and ThinkStation workstations from Lenovo.
Supported multi-GPU configurations are:

•    2 x NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800
•    2 x NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800
•    2 x NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800

Although performance improvements will vary depending on GPU(s), video source and export settings, Elemental Accelerator provides a dramatic speed increase over the standard CPU-only encoder when leveraging multiple GPUs. In the following test case, encoding AVCHD 1080p source video to H.264 720p output can be performed nearly six times faster with Elemental Accelerator than with the standard encoder available with Adobe Premiere Pro.

multi-GPU benchmarks

Release 2.2 also expands the lineup of GPUs supported by Elemental Accelerator. The NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700 graphics card and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M, 2800M and 1800M mobile GPUs have been added to the suite of NVIDIA GPUs that will run with Elemental Accelerator, giving more options than ever to video professionals, particularly those creating content on-the-go. For a complete list of supported GPUs, please visit the Elemental Accelerator specifications page on the Elemental website.

In addition, release 2.2 of Elemental Accelerator offers new H.264 and MPEG-2 presets for a variety of target applications, including presets designed specifically for the iPhone and for Blu-ray.

If you are an existing Accelerator customer, be sure and visit the Elemental updates site to download and install release 2.2. Customers installing from a CD or web package for the first time can elect to update immediately after an initial install.

For users who already own RapiHD or Elemental Accelerator, you can easily upgrade to the newest version. To access an update:

1.    Launch Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
2.    Navigate to the Export Settings dialog box
3.    Select the More Info tab
4.    Press the Check for updates button

This will automatically direct you to the Elemental Accelerator update site.

Elemental Accelerator 2.2 is made exclusively for NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. On the desktop, Elemental Accelerator works with the Quadro CX as well as the Quadro FX 5800, 4800, 3800, 3700 and 1800. On mobile platforms, Elemental Accelerator works with the Quadro FX 3800M, 2800M, 1800M, 3700M and 2700M. Elemental Accelerator is available for purchase as a standalone package from NVIDIA’s Adobe plug-in store or bundled with supported Quadro FX graphics cards from a variety of resellers.

Submitted by whitney on October 22, 2009

Lunch 2.0 at Elemental Panorama

Yesterday, we set a new record at Elemental, thanks to the overwhelming attendance at this month's Lunch 2.0: our conference room's largest meeting to date! There was no need for the HVAC system as 60 or so guests, ranging from software developers to entreprenuers to video industry reps, generated enough heat in our intimate office. Attendees enjoyed a Kettleman's lunch and a demonstration of Elemental's product suite by software engineers Greg and Davy and product manager Lisa. We were thrilled to have such a diverse and interested crowd join us to talk about the opportunities and challenges of online video and video compression. Thanks to all who attended for the interesting conversation and engaging questions both at the event and afterward. Here are some of our favorite tweets:

arih: Thanks @elementaltech for hosting Lunch 2.0! Very cool technology for parallel video processing.

lisacicala: Learning about video compression tools at Lunch 2.0 with @elementaltech.

ike6: Thanks to @siliconflorist for the tip on Lunch 2.0 at@elementaltech! Daily dose of smart folks doing cool stuff in Portland!

We agree. The inventive technology and supportive community is why we love Portland - see you at tech events around town!

Submitted by Lisa on October 20, 2009

Fresh off back-to-back demos of Elemental products over in Amsterdam at IBC and down in California at the GPU Technology Conference and Adobe Max, we figured it was about time to give the home turf some love.  Just like our software, we’re catering to multiple audiences, so whether you’re a software developer, investor, videographer or just a curious technology enthusiast, there’s an opportunity for you to check us out this week or next week.

Wednesday, 10/21, 12 to 2 p.m. : Elemental hosts Lunch 2.0

Elemental Technologies, 620 SW Fifth Ave.

If you’ve never been before or attend every month, Lunch 2.0 is always different (new food, new faces, new technology).  According to organizer Jake Kuramoto, “Portland Lunch 2.0 is a networking event, and we like it that way. Because it’s during the day and not as tech-focused as other Portland events, you’ll see new faces. But never fear, you’ll also see the familiar faces you also see at the myriad of evening and weekend events.”

We’ll be serving a Kettleman Bagels and Paradise Bakery buffet and talking about building an enterprise product UI on Ruby, getting online video distributed in mass and tips for video creation in Adobe CS4.

Call if you get lost: 503.222.3212 


Thursday, 10/29, 9 to 5 p.m. : Elemental presents at Venture NW

The Nines, 525 SW Morrison St.

At this year’s Venture NW conference (conveniently at The Nines across the street from Elemental HQ), CEO Sam Blackman will present around 11 a.m. on Elemental’s business model, product suite and position within the online video marketplace as one of eleven of “the area's hottest emerging Northwest businesses.”

OEN's Venture Northwest (formerly Venture Oregon) is an annual conference that draws institutional investors and investment bankers from across the Western U.S. who are interested in emerging Northwest businesses and the region's growth segments, according the conference site. Notable entrepreneurial keynote presentations, include: Zeba – Absorbent Technologies, Tripwire, Insight Schools, Inc. and Ater Wynne.

It looks like you can still register to attend (including both academic and full suit prices). 


Thursday, 10/29, 6:30 p.m. : Elemental speaks at Refresh Portland

Jive, 915 SW Stark St., Suite 400

And later that evening, VP of Marketing Andy Beach, will be giving out free tips about video compression for the web at Refresh Portland. According to Andy:

“Creating high quality video content for the web is not quite as simple as whipping out your Flip HD, then uploading to YouTube. That said, it's a lot easier than most people know (and doesn't require a two-hour uploading annoyance). We should all be putting more videos online, after all it's the fastest growing and most popular communication vehicle on the web, but there are better ways to do it.”

Refresh Portland meets every fourth Thursday (given October is a long month this time) at Jive Software located in the heart of Portland, right off of SW Burnside. Show up at 6:30 PM to catch the presentation, and join us for dinner and drinks at Deschutes Brewery right afterwards.

One lucky attendee will take home a signed copy of Andy’s book, Real World Video Compression. Heck, knowing Andy, if you start talking video codecs, he’ll probably also buy you a drink at Deschutes afterwards.