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Video Processing Perspectives

2009 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2009 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Lisa on January 29, 2009

This detailed review of the Nvidia Quadro CX from Digital Content Producer takes a close look at accelerated encoding with RapiHD and supplies a wide range of encoding test results. Included among the positive comments from the reviewer:

"I compared the quality of the Elemental Accelerator and MainConcept 720p files and found them very similar—a good result for Accelerator since Premiere Pro's Main Concept encoder is a very high-quality producer."

Submitted by Sam on January 22, 2009

It's been a little while since I've posted; between the launches of Badaboom® and RapiHD™ Accelerator we've been busy at Elemental! Both products are off to a great start, and our fourth quarter revenue handily surpassed expectations. The team is in heads down mode now, getting ready for NAB 2009 tradeshow -- keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements around that time. On another note, if your day is anything like mine, many conversations begins with, "How are you holding up in this economy?" Startup companies are always fraught with risk but the tremendous declines in the market coupled with a frozen IPO market makes it more difficult than ever to get a company funded. The Lehrer NewsHour had a nice piece recently covering how the economy is impacting startup companies, including a segment on Elemental. The report covered several Portland area tech companies, some of which are struggling and some of which are surviving. Elemental is in the latter category (so far!), and some of the fundamental philosophies by which we run the company have helped a lot. A few of these include:

  • Capital efficiency is a priority throughout the organization.
  • Do everything possible to fund the company with revenue rather than debt or equity.
  • A diversified product line creates more work but increases the odds of a hit product.

It's a brutal economy, and there are no guarantees of success, but minimizing dependence on outside funding sources is more important now for technology startups than at any time in the past many years.