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2008 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
2008 Archive - AWS Elemental Blog
Submitted by Lisa on November 26, 2008

Daves Tech table has reviewed the Quadro CX card including the RapiHD Accelerator as well as the other GPU acceleration available with the Quadro CX.

The Quadro CX entry on Daves Tech table is here

Check out the video where he shows an example of using the card and how to setup the Quadro CX graphics card in your system. http://tv.adobe.com/#vi+f1510v1002

Submitted by Jesse on October 31, 2008

Now that we have some products out the door, we have been focusing on making the core technology even faster than ever using off-the-shelf NVIDIA GPUs.  One of the biggest boosts in speed will come from taking advantage of multiple GPUs in the system.  Here is a sneak peek of what we are doing to leverage a multi-GPU system. Multi-Movie Parallel Transcode The most straightforward way to take advantage of multiple GPUs in the system is to send separate transcode jobs to each GPU.  This means one GPU could be transcoding one movie while another one can transcode a second one each at their already very fast speeds.  We have been prototyping this using Badaboom already by launching 2 Badabooms each using a different GPU in the system transcoding different movies.   Doing this essentially doubles the already fast speed achieved with Badaboom.

This system has 2 of the older 8800GTS video cards in it and a 3 GHZ dual core CPU. What this shows is transcoding 2 entire movies in under 20 minutes (one will complete in 12 and the other in 18)! Content, GPU proximity to the CPU (PCIe slot), and other system factors make it so both speeds are not exactly the same, but It is showing effectively 350 fps to 400 fps of total sustained throughput.   Splitting up the movie Many folks will want to simply convert 1 movie faster instead of 2 at the same time.  We can take advantage of the two cards by transcoding 1/2 the movie on one GPU and the other 1/2 on the other.  We will then stitch the two back together which is a very fast operation.  This means an entire movie transcode in under 7 minutes! Today, you can get 2 8800GTs for a total cost of about $240 which would be even faster.  Of course if you want to go BIG, then you could get 2 GTX280's and hit somewhere around 600fps of sustained throughput.  Transcoding 2 entire 2 hour movies in about 13 minutes. When can I get it? Look for initial multi-GPU support in Badaboom before the end of the year!

Submitted by Sam on October 16, 2008

After a significant amount of blood, sweat, tears -- and a little bit of coding as well -- the RapiHD™ Accelerator for Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 is out the door! There's only one way to get: with the NVIDIA® Quadro® CX graphics board. This smoking hot board will change the way creative professionals interact with Adobe's Creative Suite 4. The coolest feature, of course, is rocket-fast H.264 encoding out of Premiere Pro CS4, powered by Elemental's RapiHD™ Video Platform. But that's just the beginning; there are many other workflow benefits to using this GPU throughout Creative Suite. NVIDIA has a nice Built for Professionals site illustrating all these advantages here.  The team has worked tirelessly to get RapiHD Accelerator out the door. Now every creative professional can harness the power of the GPU with the NVIDIA Quadro CX board and Elemental's RapiHD Accelerator! For details, PNY's site has some good technical details and specifications on the board. You can purchase the Quadro CX at NCIX or TigerDirect or CompUSA right now; many more outlets will have the product soon. Keep checking this list of Quadro CX resellers to stay on top of additional channels.