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Enrich the Viewing Experience

Enrich the Viewing Experience

Your Content: The Main Attraction. Viewer Experience: The Main Event

Video providers spend considerable time and effort creating content that will lure and lock-in audiences and leave them wanting more. But crafting compelling content is only half the battle. To win it, you must also give customers immersive and lifelike viewing experiences.

The reason: Demand is already high and rising fast with virtual reality gaining traction for entertainment, education, commerce and more; global adoption of 4K UHD services and high dynamic range video increasing, and HDR-ready UHD TV becoming commonplace.

Software-based video solutions originating on-premises or in the cloud offer pay TV operators, content programmers and broadcasters the flexibility, reliability and scalability to keep pace with market trends and audience expectations.

How you benefit: As you deliver the viewing experiences consumers expect, you’re also prepared for new demands that emerging video technology will drive. In the meantime, resources go where you need them most – toward creating compelling content.

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