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Boost Video Revenue Opportunities with the Cloud

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are important objectives for pay TV operators – and so is content monetization. Live-to-VOD capabilities offer new ways to package live content alongside targeted advertising to boost revenue opportunities. Pay TV operators can quickly and easily capitalize on these opportunities by using the cloud to offer services such as catch-up TV and start-over TV with targeted ad insertion. Because the cloud can instantly scale to meet demand, there is always enough storage for nPVR services and catch-up TV during peak usage, and operators only pay for what they use. And this comes with the peace of mind offered by the resiliency of the cloud.

Bringing video services to market is not without challenges, both from a technical standpoint and in light of legal and contractual scenarios, which may vary by market, by content owner, and can affect if and how live video assets are used. In this white paper, “,” pay TV operators can learn how to manage these challenges in a detailed service-by-service discussion, as well as how to offer these services on primary screens and multiscreen devices, and how to increase revenue by using the cloud to do so. .

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Fast Forward: Implementing Live-To-VOD Services

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