CTCSP introduces high performance live video streaming system to NHK

CTCSP introduces high performance live video streaming system to NHK

Elemental Live used to deliver live video over the Internet during the London Summer Games

Oct, 1st, 2012
Tokyo – setagaya-ku – komazawa 1-16-7
Shinji Kumazaki, CEO

CTCSP Co. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinji Kumazaki), which sells software and IT equipment as a part of the ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC ) Group companies, delivered a live video streaming system using the Elemental Live encoder, which is produced by Elemental Technologies Inc (Headquarters: Portland, Oregon, USA. Elemental: below *1) to Japan Broadcasting Corporation: (NHK). The system, which was implemented over a period of approximately two months, was used to deliver live video over the Internet of the London Summer Games.

Each Elemental Live system can stream video with four times greater performance than conventional systems, and can also convert video of different formats to PC, smartphone, and tablet devices at the same time, taking up to six channels HD source video, with  an intuitive and excellent level of operability.

Following the Vancouver games which were held in 2010, NHK started a special site for broadcasting data and live video of competitions on the Internet named, "live streaming". For the London games, NHK built systems that support an increase in the number of delivered competitions from 7 to 20, an increase from 3 to 10 channels, a CDN system(*2), and Peer-to-Peer system (*3). After a review of live encoder products submitted by 10 manufacturing companies, Elemental Live was selected by NHK because it provides flexibility and versatility, remote operation, and the ability to handle many channels with a single device.

In addition, the high diversity of the viewing environments on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, enabled the London games to exceed the Vancouver games in the volume of live streaming, as well as the number of registered users.

Here are the connection results of digital content deployment by NHK:

  Vancouver games London games
Total page views of dedicated site Approx. 30,900,000 views Approx. 339,360,000 views
Maximum number of simultaneous connections (live streaming) 10,210 connections (Men's Ice Hockey) 53,614 connections (Men's Tennis Singles)
Total delivery time (live streaming) Over 100 hours 913 hours and 40 min


CTCSP began selling and implementing Elemental Live in 2011, and since then there has been an increase in domestic sales. Utilizing CTC group network for nationwide on-site support and strong vendor relationships, CTCSP offers exceptional support and provided 24-hour operational support by telephone during the London games. After the event, CTCSP received a high evaluation from NHK based on quick and flexible responses.


CTCSP will continue constructing various combinations of products, and will continue to expand the range of solutions.

About Elemental Live

Elemental Live is a video processing engine that utilizes Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) (*4) to perform parallel processing, and a single device is able to convert simultaneously the format, size, and number of screens from up to six source channels of HD video. During the transmission of the London games, each device was able to convert simultaneously into 8 channels for the CDN system, and into 2 channels for the P2P high-quality video system. When compared with an average live encoder constructed using a central processing unit (CPU), this system is able to give the same performance, at lower cost, while saving space. In addition, one of the most decisive factors for adoption is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which provides ease of use to the operator, and ease of integration using the Application Programming Interface (API) (*5). Moreover, it also supports the increasingly widespread "Adaptive Bitrate Streaming" as the latest form of video delivery that provides comfortable video viewing on smartphones and tablet devices.

About CTCSP Co.

CTCSP was founded in April, 1990, as a member of Itochu Techno-solutions group companies. It established partnerships with companies all over the world, and started introducing essential products and solutions to companies’ network and Internet systems inside Japan.


* 1 Live encoder: Software and hardware to convert live video from the original format into another format.

* 2 CDN system: A system for stable streaming that reduces the processing load on one server and maintains good performance by using multiple servers.

* 3 Peer to Peer (P2P): Reducing the load on the streaming server by sending video and sound over the network between terminals without utilizing many servers.

* 4 GPU: A semiconductor with may parallel processors used mainly for processing images. Although it has more processing capabilities compared to the central processing unit (CPU), it requires development of software with a special programming language.

* 5 API: The part of a product which provides the way to develop a program which is not the core software.

In Japan, please contact:

Kawamura, operations department, product promotion division
Tel: 03-5712-8070 / Email: sp-admin@ctc-g.co.jp