AWS Media Services

With the advent of cloud-based video processing and delivery, video providers can now deliver reliable, broadcast-grade video services with the flexibility and ease of use of a cloud service, while paying for only what they use.

Imagine having...

  • Automated, limitless scalability
  • Flexible workflow options with built-in reliability
  • New paths to monetization

No matter where you are on your path, or whatever combination of solutions you require, we have the resources to help.

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AWS Media Services

Quiz: Assess Your Cloud Readiness in 10 Questions

Cloud operations simplify the infrastructure and expensive overhead that video providers deal with. But the critical question is, how do you know if your workflows are a good fit for the cloud? Tip: Start with this quick assessment.

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E-book: Key Drivers for Taking Video to the Cloud

Learn why a growing number of companies are providing professional-grade video to audiences, how video providers are evolving to meet industry changes, what the key strategic advantages are, which critical video processing and delivery functions can now be deployed as cloud services, and much more.

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E-book: Why Video Processing and Delivery is Moving to the Cloud

White Paper: 5 AWS Media Services. 1 Practical Guide to All

The best benefit the cloud offers video providers: You can focus on how you use video to support your business, not the other way around. This guide explains how to build and implement video processing, storage, and monetization workflows using AWS Media Services, powered by AWS Elemental.

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Webcast: How to Process, Store & Monetize Your Video

Whether you’re using appliances or appliance + VM + cloud instances, you now have a rock-steady on ramp to get you to an efficient, cloud-based video infrastructure. Learn about the robust range of services for ingesting, storing, processing, managing, delivering, and analyzing video content.

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