Launching a new live linear channel? Considering catch-up TV or highlight clips to enhance your audience’s viewing experience? Deploying OTT or TV Everywhere offerings to reach your viewers on devices they use today? AWS Elemental understands how to deploy and optimize the video workflows that fit your needs.



Maintain your Technological Edge

Lean on AWS Elemental expertise in video technology and cloud services to help you stay competitive by deploying state-of-the-art value-added services that grow and retain your audience.

Ensure Scale and Reliability

Scale your video services with AWS Elemental products and solutions while maintaining network-grade reliability and security by deploying on appliance, via a virtual machine, in the cloud, or as a mix to suit your needs.

Maximize ROI

Whether you are considering a unified headend or simply deploying a live linear channel, AWS Elemental has both the experience and the solutions to maximize your ROI and streamline your video workflows.

24x7 Live Linear

Streamline the launch and scale the reach of new channels and video services with glass-to-glass 24/7 broadcasting solutions that combine content sourcing, formatting, distribution and monetization.


An end-to-end live-to-VOD workflow enables video providers to extend their live broadcast offerings via replays, highlights clips, catch-up TV, and other on-demand use cases to maximize revenues while streamlining video delivery operations.


Audience growth beyond the primary screen into OTT, TV Everywhere, and other internet-based delivery requires a sound multiscreen strategy. End-to-end workflows from AWS Elemental accommodate both existing and emerging technologies to encode, package and deliver multi-DRM adaptive bitrate video streams to any device.

Unified Headend

Implement a cost-saving unified headend strategy to consolidate video processing that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

Featured Customer Stories

Deutsche Glasfaser

“We want to provide our customers with a wide variety of IPTV and multiscreen video services at a superior level, rivaling what’s on offer in urban markets. In order to meet our business objectives we chose the AWS Elemental platform for its exceptional image quality, multiscreen delivery capabilities, and the flexibility of its software, allowing us to stay one step ahead of customer demand.”

- Niels Jonkman, Business Manager Deutsche Glasfaser


“The video quality, content volume, variety of formats, and the ability to support HEVC through a software upgrade is a combination unique to AWS Elemental in the video processing market. Together with AWS Elemental’s industry-leading video processing solutions, we are able to continue delivering new innovations in video streaming technology for our customers.”

- MobiTV Chief Operating Officer Bill Routt


“We always wanted to be able to scale up as many transcode resources as we needed for what programmes were on air at any time.” Using AWS Elemental video processing, Video Factory now creates over 16TB of mezzanine video and more than two hundred thousand ABR video streaming chunks per day in support of more than a thousand devices including PCs, smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

- Phil Cluff of the BBC