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Pay TV

AWS Elemental gives cable, satellite and telecom service providers the opportunity to reach subscribers in new and innovative ways, reduce costly infrastructure and streamline workflow management.

Pay TV


Secure Your Subscribers

Multiscreen offerings, 4K Ultra HD and time-shifted TV services all provide more opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your customers. Give viewers anytime, anywhere access to linear and VOD content with video processing and delivery from AWS Elemental.

Unified Video Solutions

A unified video architecture gives pay TV operators the agility to quickly and easily implement the latest codecs and video processing advancements across their primary and OTT delivery services to reduce time to market and streamline operations. 

Scalable and Flexible

Software-based video solutions support traditional and new media, future formats and standards, and allow for combined media workflows and expanded services.


Cable companies choose AWS Elemental software-based video processing for their networks to drive efficiencies in operational control, innovate with technologies such as HDR, and simplify primary and multiscreen workflows.


Through advanced encoding capabilities, including HEVC encoding, AWS Elemental enables telecommunication providers to reduce the bandwidth required per video stream, increasing the number of serviceable customers and optimizing infrastructure. 


Successful operators are deploying 4K UHD video services using their existing video infrastructure by leveraging AWS Elemental expertise in software-based video processing, including statistical multiplexing with multi-codec support, to reduce bandwidth, stay up to date with the latest HDR developments, and deliver a unified linear TV experience.

Featured Customer Stories


“We had to have a glass-to-glass workflow...[building everything] from scratch. We chose AWS Elemental as a partner because its solutions are software based. We know standards are going to change, and our needs are going to change – as they did right up until we launched. The beauty of our two parties working together was instrumental in bringing this service to life.”

Greg McCall, Managing Director of TV Technology, BT

Com Hem

"Com Hem is committed to offering our customers the best available content and a high level of service. By consolidating our headend with AWS Elemental, we are able to meet this commitment across all of our networks and to all types of devices."

Henri Caddeo, CTO at Com Hem


"We chose AWS Elemental first and foremost because of balance. We needed picture quality across all the different bitrates and we needed high-speed processing. Architecturally, we know it can scale to big processing peaks and it integrates well into our highly-automated workflow engine. The software-based approach is simply faster."

Matt McDonald, Director of Broadcast Services, Sky