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OTT Workflows

OTT Video Workflows

Simplify Your Video with OTT Workflows in the Cloud

OTT video on AWS lets you focus on innovation, instead of spending your resources on media infrastructure. Utilize machine-learning and advanced analytics from the cloud and leverage global reach to scale where you see demand.

OTT Video Challenges & Solutions

Today’s media consumer is sophisticated – the consumer electronics market is saturated with connected devices that offer complex functionality and exceptional image quality and the market for live and on-demand OTT services is bigger than ever.

Today’s OTT video providers are facing a more complex, multi-faceted video landscape. Challenges for today’s OTT video providers include:

  • Slow to precure hardware-based video infrastructure that requires a high capital expense.
  • Difficulty predicting and scaling to meet viewership capacity.
  • Technologically falling behind competitors.

With AWS and cloud OTT video workflows, video providers can stop worrying about infrastructure, speed and capacity. Whether for VOD or live streaming, video providers can run end-to-end OTT video workflows entirely on the AWS cloud with improved security, simplicity, latency, and integration with other services – with AWS your content never has to leave the platform. With AWS you can:

  • Invest in Content – Trade capital expense for variable expense, and pay only for what you use.
  • Move Faster – Reduce time to market while AWS manages storage, compute, and other infrastructure requirements.
  • Scale Easily – Scale as capacity is needed and shrink back after peaks.
  • Go Global in Minutes – Easily ingest video near the content owner and serve video close to the audience.
  • Start Innovating – Spend more time experimenting and utilizing new technology like machine learning.

Trusted Technology for Leading Video Innovators

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