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AWS Elemental provides military defense and government agencies with solutions which achieve ubiquitous video delivery for mission-critical operations under the most restrictive requirements.



Broaden Your Reach

Mission-critical environments require actionable intelligence and data from a variety of sources, in uncertain conditions and often over bandwidth-constrained networks. Harness unique video processing capabilities in turnkey, virtualized or cloud-based deployments with AWS Elemental solutions to overcome constraints in delivering content to IP-connected devices.

Unmatched Video Processing

Federal government and defense entities require high-performance video solutions that are flexible and scalable. AWS Elemental offers products for the government market that feature next-generation capabilities, such as HEVC encoding, support for KLV metadata, FMV end-to-end latency of under one-sub-second, and the ability to meet critical security requirements.

Common Government Applications

AWS Elemental video processing and delivery solutions are well-suited to a wide range of government applications -- whether for mission, ISR or tactical, broadcast via IPTV, video backhaul contribution, or training purposes -- and are available through a variety of contract vehicles (GSA, SEWP and ITES) as well as risk management accreditation (RMF or DIACAP compliance).

Full Motion Video (FMV)

Defense and ISR (Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance) operating units capture vast amounts of data from multiple sources such as mobile content from agents on the ground, satellites, UAVs, and autonomous robotic systems. In addition, warfighters have limited bandwidth and constrained windows of opportunity to transmit tactical data in real-time for it to be actionable. Finally, the secure dissemination of full-motion video (FMV) with synchronized KLV metadata to facilitate informed decision-making adds to the complexity of the operational challenges.

AWS Elemental provides simple, flexible video solutions to process real-time, full-motion video with data synchronization while conforming to DISA and RMF guidelines. Ideally suited to the Department of Defense and Special Operation Forces, applications include low latency-constrained dissemination of secure live video of the tactical arena to all levels of the command structure for enhancing situational awareness and decision making.

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Featured Customer Stories


"We often come across video which is ‘not standard’ and causes problems for video utilities and exploitation tools, but AWS Elemental Live is very good at 'massaging' these complex videos. We were able to take the AWS Elemental encoder and integrate its functionality seamlessly into our architecture. We used it as the backend to encode mission-critical video...UVDS now has the ability to dynamically add AWS Elemental encoders into the architecture and provide a fully-integrated solution for managing and processing DOD FMV at the enterprise level."

Ryan Wallace, Manager of the UVDS Project, TeraLogics


"AWS Elemental proved to meet the set of requirements NASA sought for the agency’s multi-channel live streaming application. Software-based solutions from AWS Elemental perform simultaneous processing of multiple video outputs to format live video for any viewing device. Furthermore, AWS Elemental video processing solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into an end-to-end real-time video delivery workflow and keep pace with technology advancements."