Content Programmers


Engage Your Audience

AWS Elemental brings unprecedented innovation to file-based and live video encoding applications, giving programmers the ability to quickly monetize video assets and to engage a broad viewing audience across multiple platforms.

Unmatched Video Processing

Extend your brand to any device, in any format, over any delivery network more quickly and efficiently. AWS Elemental provides components in a turnkey, virtualized or cloud-based deployment, resulting in unmatched flexibility, reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

Large-Scale Content Conversion

Prepare content for all delivery platforms, convert time-sensitive assets quickly and archive live events for on-demand viewing.


For stadium-based live events, Elemental systems enable content delivery via set-top box or multiscreen OTT for catch-up TV, frame-accurate clipping, or a host of other services. AWS Elemental provides solutions that give fans, officials and league employees real-time access to their most valuable content.


News organizations look to AWS Elemental to support live broadcast services, digital archives and frame accurate live-to-VOD clipping services, provided in real-time, at scale, and designed for 24x7 workflows. With a software-based approach, flexible solutions from AWS Elemental can be easily adapted to existing workflows.

Entertainment & Events

Whether an event is broadcast live, simulcast across multiple distribution channels, or captured for DVR services, flexible offerings from AWS Elemental provide highly reliable solutions for the highest profile events.

Featured Customer Stories


“With Globosat’s unprecedented coverage of the [2016] competitions, subscribers can have access to one hundred percent of the events - whenever they like and on whatever device they like. AWS Elemental gives us the flexibility we need for our multi-channel, multi-platform approach to showing every moment of the action. The scalability of AWS Elemental is also key.”

Roberto Primo, Chief Technology Officer for Globosat

Pac-12 Networks

"Pac-12 streams 7 live linear channels 24/7/365. By routing our HD-SDI to AWS Elemental encoders, we're able to convert live streams to TV Everywhere apps and extend our reach... Deep integration [with AWS Elemental] requires upfront effort but is yielding new opportunities."

Mark Kramer, Head of Digital Technology at Pac-12 Networks


"AWS Elemental has done an incredible job of understanding what we're trying to do...and architecting solutions which make sense. It gives us extreme flexibility of in terms of the wealth of content we can put on our channels, and improve our production workflows. AWS Elemental is a best-in-class video solution provider, committed to...partnering with its clients and customers. We've been very happy with our AWS Elemental partnership."

Jennifer Leung, Director of Product Development at MSNBC