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Engage and grow viewership while expanding delivery of broadcast content to new platforms such as connected TVs, mobile devices and tablets.



Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether you’re a national broadcaster, independent station or an owned-and-operated affiliate, your business proposition is based on superior service to your community. AWS Elemental solutions provide broadcasters a bridge to the future of video delivery while satisfying today’s distribution requirements.

Scalable and Flexible

Software-based video solutions support existing as well as future workflows, allowing for easy adoption of new formats and standards or technologies such as HDR.

Unmatched Video Processing

Broadcasters need multiscreen solutions that will scale as the video delivery market evolves. AWS Elemental provides components in a turnkey, virtualized or cloud-based deployment, resulting in unmatched flexibility and reduced cost and time-to-market.

Featured Customer Stories


“AWS Elemental has provided us with a cost-effective and versatile video processing solution that easily integrates with our existing workflow. High-efficiency video coding (HEVC/H.265) can be enabled solely through software, which provides flexibility in function. Along with scalability and strong support through partnership with AWS Elemental, TVB is well-equipped to meet rapidly changing consumer demands in a growing market.”

Garry Kum, Senior Manager (Technical Services), Engineering Division of TVB

Kansai Corporation

“We could not have done this without AWS Elemental, which has set the pace for the industry in terms of proven 4K/HEVC transmissions and is the only video processing vendor that offers 4Kp60 live encoding with high quality video."

Koichi Ono, deputy director of the technology promotion division for the Kansai Telecasting Corporation’s broadcast technology department

WRN Broadcast

"AWS Elemental's willingness to work with us to develop their products and services to meet what we needed for our clients [made it] the perfect partnership. It's been a fantastic opportunity to work with a really good team. They are proactive, have a collaborative approach. Nothing seems to be a challenge. which has allowed us to deliver solutions to our customers where normally would have been an impossible situation to provide."

David Treadway, CEO of WRN Broadcast and David Travis, CTO of WRN Broadcast