Pay TV
Deliver your subscribers content on their terms

AWS Elemental gives cable, satellite and telecom service providers the opportunity to reach subscribers in new and innovative ways, reduce costly infrastructure and streamline workflow management.

Content Programmers
Strengthen your connection with your audience

Whether your business is sports, live events, entertainment or news, the programming delivered to viewers builds your brand and your ability to monetize it.

Give your community access to content anytime, anywhere

Engage and grow viewership while expanding delivery of broadcast content to new platforms such as connected TVs, mobile devices and tablets.

Provide your viewers with easy access to content

AWS Elemental gives educational, corporate and medical entities the ability to implement flexible and scalable video processing for highly distributed and personalized access to video.

Reach a broader audience with timely content

Elemental provides military defense and government agencies with solutions that achieve ubiquitous video delivery for mission-critical operations.


Ad Insertion
Use the cloud and reap the benefits of dynamic server-side ad insertion

Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) enables pay TV operators, broadcasters and publishers to dynamically insert personalized ads as video content is delivered to consumers, allowing video experiences to be monetized more effectively in real time.

Broadcast-Grade Video Latency for Live Streaming
Know what causes video latency, and how to measure and minimize it

Choose the right segment size for video packaging and learn the best practices to achieve low latency video in live streaming applications, such as TV sports, games, and news, and OTT e-sports and interactive shows.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
A word to the wise while standards shake out: Improve the pixels

HDR standards in development cover more than higher peak brightness and lower black levels. HDR also includes expanded color space, greater bit depth and static or dynamic metadata. As displays evolve, HDR challenges video providers to render images without running up against unworkable limitations.

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
Reduce costs, increase quality and overcome bandwidth-constrained networks

The compression efficiencies HEVC offer allow media companies to create higher quality video streams with lower bitrates than previous generation codecs. Results: Lower content delivery costs and improved viewer experiences.

Machine Learning
Model, learn, predict, and profit from relationships between existing and new data

Use machine learning to automate the discovery of new data insights and optimize every aspect of your video workflows, including workflow performance, use of network resources, monetization results, and much more.

Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) Control
Improve video quality while reducing storage and distribution costs

QVBR is video quality consistency made easy and efficient. Set a fixed video quality level and a max bitrate. The encoder does the rest.


24x7 Live Linear
Expedite and simplify the launch of new channels and video services

Speed the launch and scale the reach of new channels and video services with glass-to-glass 24/7 broadcasting solutions that combine content sourcing, formatting, distribution and monetization.

Secure, deliver and monetize live-to-VOD content

An end-to-end live-to-VOD workflow enables video providers to extend their live broadcast offerings via replays, highlights clips, catch-up TV, and other on-demand use cases to maximize revenues while streamlining video delivery operations.

Stay at the forefront of subscription-based content delivery demands

Audience growth beyond the primary screen into OTT, TV Everywhere, and other internet-based content delivery requires a sound multiscreen strategy. End-to-end workflows from AWS Elemental accommodate both existing and emerging technologies to encode, package and deliver multi-DRM adaptive bitrate video streams to any device.

Unified Headend
Integrate encoding, multiplexing and system management

Implement a cost-saving unified headend strategy to consolidate video processing that supports both traditional broadcast and multiscreen delivery.

Simplify your video with OTT workflows in the cloud

OTT video on AWS lets you focus on innovation, instead of spending your resources on media infrastructure. Utilize machine-learning and advanced analytics from the cloud and leverage global reach to scale where you see demand.

Live Sports
Use the cloud to deliver great fan experiences

The sports world has become a 24/7, global enterprise. To compete as a live sports content provider, you’ll want to access the most up-to-date technologies that let you reach a global fan base. Cloud solutions can help to simplify your workflows, save money, and compete for audience share—no matter how small or large your organization.