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Pay TV operators and content programmers seek to provide consumers with premium video-on-demand (VOD) and catch-up TV services on an array of connected devices. Making an extensive video content library available immediately is a challenge, and so is finding a solution that scales with viewership, minimizes latency and supports thousands of content requests each second. This requires instant, high-performance access to thousands of stored media massets.

By leveraging storage solutions from Quantum, AWS Elemental has the ability to deploy next-generation live and file-based video workflows using the unique set of StorNext 5 data management tools. This gives customers the optimal balance of scale, performance and flexibility.

StorNext 5 data management software enables file sharing for complex video workflows in StorNext scale-out storage environments, including files stored on primary disk or extended online storage. It also provides ubiquitous access to all storage in a cost-effective, tiered repository. StorNext 5 empowers customers to scale to hundreds of petabytes while easily integrating into collaborative workflows. This is critical because data is invaluable, growing, it cannot be re-created and preservation is a requirement. The ability to scale allows for video data to be repurposed for use in ways that cannot yet be envisioned.

AWS Elemental and Quantum solutions integrate seamlessly to reduce storage and bandwidth costs. They also enable customers to monetize assets by deploying a video delivery infrastructure that supports VOD and catch-up TV workflows, including nPVR, start-over TV and personalized ad insertion. Together with software-defined solutions from AWS Elemental, Quantum delivers best-in-class storage to satisfy the most demanding requirements for premier companies in the media and entertainment industry.