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Today’s live and on-demand video applications require new IP-based transport solutions to deliver broadcast quality video with minimal delays around the globe. Achieving desired transport speeds using standard protocols such as forward-error corrected (FEC) Universal Datagram Protocol or peer-to-peer distribution have proven insufficient, challenging broadcasters to seek out a faster, more reliable alternative.

Broadcasters and operators can leverage the combined power of AWS Elemental and Aspera to provide faster end-to-end workflows for video processing. Aspera FASPStream high-speed transfer technology significantly reduces the time required to make premium video content available for delivery. FASPStream can be integrated into any AWS Elemental deployment, ultimately giving video operators the ability to control, automate and secure high-speed media transfers.

Aspera FASPStream is a patented data transport software widely used in digital media for achieving highly efficient, high-speed media transfers over wide area networks (WAN). It delivers efficiency and performance independent of distance and network conditions, overcoming the detrimental effects of roundtrip latency and packet loss. It was designed to improve the transport of live and on-demand video over WANs and can maximize file transfer speeds at every point in the video processing workflow, including workflows to and from the cloud.

AWS Elemental’s native support for the Aspera FASPStream protocol makes high-speed media transfer seamless for video operators around the world, dramatically reducing the time and energy necessary to deploy next-generation video workflows.