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CTCSP Corporation

Incorporated: April, 1990.

Shareholder: ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC).

Business Fields:

1. Network/Security Solutions
2. Storage Software/Hardware Solutions
3. Datacenter/Computer Peripherals/Supply Products
4. Consulting/Professional Technical Support & Services

In the development of the new solutions, we will practice effective utilization of our own technology infrastructure which have been cultivated by the experience and achievements of various system constructions with customers, our own technology know-how and support capabilities.

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AWS Elemental Live
AWS Elemental Server
AWS Elemental Conductor
AWS Elemental Delta
AWS Elemental Cloud


We specialize in digital and business transformation, digital advertising and marketing, cloud computing, data science and analytics, and cybersecurity that drive positive outcomes for our clients. We are experienced in a variety of industries. Our solutions address multiple levers of change – including technology/platforms and cloud, data process, and cultural and organizational factors. We’ve worked with 100+ media and entertainment companies over 16 years; we have a proven track record of implementing large, complex, media and entertainment business programs with global impact.

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AWS Elemental Server
AWS Elemental Delta
AWS Media Services