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Guiding Principles

Leadership Principles

Guiding Principles

Customer Obsession

Obsess over customers. Make them excessively happy.


Don’t sacrifice value for short-term results. It's always "your job".

Invent and Simplify

Expect innovation and invention. Always improve and simplify.

Be Right, A Lot

Exercise strong judgment and good instincts while seeking diverse perspectives.

Earn Trust

Behave honestly, listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Challenge decisions when you disagree, then commit wholly.

Hire and Develop the Best

Raise the performance bar with every hire and promotion.

Think Big

Communicate a bold direction that inspires results.

Insist on the Highest Standards

Set relentlessly high standards to deliver quality products, services and processes.

Learn and Be Curious

Always seek to improve. Be curious.


Accomplish more with less.

Bias for Action

Act quickly. Value calculated risk taking.

Dive Deep

Operate at all levels, even in the details.

Deliver Results

Never settle.