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Our Commitment



We aim to broaden the search for potential employees and provide opportunities for people from underrepresented communities with internships and outreach programs.


We work towards creating a more inclusive work environment with a structured cultural agility and responsiveness training program for long-term impact.


We provide employees opportunities for successful internal development and potential for growth within the company, and offer programs that focus on career and technical development.

Demographic Data (PDX Office)

Data collected by TechTown, 75% of employees chose to respond.

" The roots of gender and race underrepresentation in technology go deep into our education system and society. The work we are taking on as rising tech companies to bring these issues to the surface is important. But it is just the beginning. To effect enduring change, every company in Oregon’s tech sector must proactively support inclusivity and diversity." Sam Blackman, CEO and co-founder

Our Call to Action

  • Internal training courses that address unconscious biases, cultural identity development and diversity awareness
  • A co-mentoring program focused on reciprocal and intercultural transfer of knowledge
  • High school internship opportunities for students from underrepresented communities
  • Ongoing cultural sensitivity and responsiveness assessments of leadership team
  • Annual diversity, equity, and inclusion scorecard to reflect metrics of accountability and measure success
  • Commit to the Portland Tech Diversity Pledge