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Community Investment

AWS Elemental Gives Back

Community Investment

AWS Elemental sustains a strong commitment to community involvement by regularly giving back to Portland metropolitan area-based organizations focused on education, housing hunger, and the environment. AWS Elemental is proud to work with numerous local organizations, including Blanchet House, Community Cycling Center, Children's Book Bank, Depave, Forest Park Conservatory, Free Geek, Friends of Trees, Habitat for Humanity, Harpers Playground, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, Impact NW, Lift Urban Portland, Oregon Food Bank, Portland Homeless Family Solutions, SOLVE and Store to Door.


We recognize that educating and inspiring children is a fundamental social obligation, and seek opportunities to volunteer our time and support organizations in Portland that broaden access to educational resources, especially in the engineering, science, and technology fields, as well as those that reach underrepresented groups.


Alleviating hunger in our community is a top priority for AWS Elemental, and our most popular volunteer events are those where we work in the gardens and pantries of local food banks, and serve meals to the hungry. Our annual food drive is a month-long event that helps provide meals for neighbors in need.


AWS Elemental keeps it green, and our headquarters in Portland, Oregon makes it easy to engage in a variety of volunteer events each year that preserve our natural environment, from pulling ivy in Forest Park to joining SOLVE’s statewide trash pickup along the Oregon Coast.


Safe and secure housing for all is essential to the health of our community. We engage with nonprofit organizations that focus on providing both short-term and long-term housing solutions, neighborhood reinvestment and rebuilding projects, and support for family economic stability through home ownership.


Volunteer Hours

" When I see my managers and executives taking time to volunteer, I know it’s really a company priority. It’s always been important for me to give back, and I love being at a company where that is a shared value. "Laura Barber, Marketing

Our Community Investment Team

  • 71% of Portland employees volunteered in 2016
  • Average of 10.6 hours per employee volunteer!
  • Organized 68 events in 2016 in Portland