Perfecting 4K Video Delivery

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Perfecting 4K Video Delivery

Originally Aired

December 9, 2015

With literally billions of dollars of investment going towards serving up premium 4K content, service providers and content owners must ensure that 4K viewing experiences are truly superior. But with the opportunity to provide audiences an immersive experience comes risk. Much of the premium 4K video available is high motion, high frame rate content that presents inherently greater potential for visual artifacts than lower resolution video. A careful, comprehensive approach to 4K content preparation and delivery requires capable video processing and measurement platforms, as well as the knowledge to properly configure these tools for optimal results.

In this webcast, experts from Elemental and IneoQuest discuss the most common pitfalls in preparing and delivering 4K content, best practices for ensuring the highest quality video processing and delivery, and key metrics for monitoring and ensuring the best quality of experience (QoE).

Topics include:
  • Settings, rules and thresholds specific to 4K
  • Avoiding over-compression of 4K content
  • Properly balancing variable output bitrate
  • Ensuring quality of ABR output streams
  • GOP alignment for seamless video playback


The webcast also includes a live demonstration of Elemental video processing and IneoQuest Expedus DVA content inspection to illustrate pitfall mitigation and best practices in delivering 4K content.


Tom Gilman, Technical Marketing Manager at Elemental
Michael Campbell, Product Management Director at IneoQuest

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