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Take a deep dive into a variety of topics with experts in video compression, processing and delivery via upcoming and archived webcasts.

Upcoming Webast

Upcoming Webcasts

Live Streaming for Independent Video Operators

Join experts from Elemental, DirectLink, and MobiTV to learn how independent telcos, cable operators, and ISPs can launch live streaming TV services – either as a stand-alone offering or as a means to expand linear TV capabilities – to grow subscriber bases and ultimately generate new revenue.

Archive Webcasts

Archived Webcasts

Virtual Reality Goes Live: Moving Beyond the Hype

Consumers often associate Virtual Reality with gaming, but several new studies show that consumers have a stronger interest in non-gaming applications. Live virtual reality experiences open the door to unprecedented opportunities for real-time communication and interactivity on an unimaginable scale. At the same time, live virtual reality introduces new challenges ranging from production to delivery to consumption.

Mapping the Future of Video with High Dynamic Range

Understanding the likely trajectory of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for video is complex and challenging – with no clear indication that a single approach to its realization will be agreed upon in the near term. With multiple formats, standards, single and dual layer implementations, and a growing array of display options, the current HDR landscape has few rules and a broad range of possibilities.

A New Way to Monetize Content – Live-to-VOD in the Cloud

Today, pay TV operators have an opportunity to capitalize in new and innovative ways on live video assets. These operators can add value to live broadcasts by creating VOD assets in real time. With the flexibility, scalability, and resiliency of the cloud, pay TV operators can quickly and easily offer time-shifted TV capabilities alongside targeted advertisements to generate new revenue opportunities. As a part of this webcast, Elemental will demonstrate cloud-based start-over TV with a live broadcast, showcasing how pay TV operators can use this opportunity for targeted advertisements.

Building a Unified DVB-T2 and Multiscreen Video Headend

Terrestrial broadcasters face pressure to reduce bandwidth as spectrum from the original DVB-T range is reclaimed for other uses. Implementing a flexible, software-based headend solution when migrating to DVB-T2 is key because it enables broadcasters to maintain video quality and condense as many services as possible into less bandwidth. A unified headend with video solutions from Elemental and Nevion can deliver channels to many transmitters via IP, satellite or both, and can deliver the same channels and additional video-on-demand content to multiscreen devices.

Monetize Video Content with Server-Side Ad Insertion

Video advertising is in a period of transition. Content providers want to personalize ads to maximize revenue, while consumers are increasingly taking advantage of ad blockers. In this webcast, panelists from Elemental and Ooyala highlight how server-side ad insertion reaches more screens with broadcast-quality video and without user interruption. The latest advancements in both server- and client-side ad insertion approaches to content are also discussed.

Secure Content for Connected Video Experiences

The pressure for traditional pay TV operators to evolve competitive service offerings in an OTT landscape has never been greater. Yet meeting consumer demand for multiscreen video delivery while also securing content for distribution over cable, IPTV, satellite, and unmanaged networks is complex.

Broadcasting Live from the Cloud

This webcast brings together Elemental and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to discuss live broadcast workflows leveraging cloud-based video infrastructure. Guest presenter Viocorp also explains the company’s decision-making process in using cloud infrastructure for video processing and to describe live event broadcast use cases. Gain insight as cloud experts identify the workflow components required for successful delivery of live events to video consumers.

Perfecting 4K Video Delivery

In this webcast, experts from Elemental and IneoQuest discuss the most common pitfalls in preparing and delivering 4K content, best practices for ensuring the highest quality video processing and delivery, and key metrics for monitoring and ensuring the best quality of experience (QoE).

Extending Video Infrastructure to Launch Cloud-Based DVR Services

This webcast details how video providers can overcome operational and technical challenges in extending DVR services and functionality to the cloud, and includes a demonstration highlighting the integration of new services within an existing video workflow and established content delivery infrastructure.

Video Streaming Infrastructure in 2020

Learn how some of the most innovative minds in digital video are preparing their operations for content delivery in the year 2020. In this webcast we explore the state of technologies like HEVC, Ultra HD and second screen video streaming, and get insights into the professional decisions our panelists made throughout their careers that put them at the forefront of the market.

Rapidly Deploy a Comprehensive Multiscreen TV Service with the Cloud

Dustin Encelewski, Director of Virtualization and Management Products for Elemental, and Dave Browne, Senior Technical Program Manager for thePlatform, discuss how video providers can quickly and easily deploy over-the-top (OTT) services by using Elemental Cloud in combination with mpx Replay from thePlatform.

Elemental Video Delivery with Google Widevine

Lionel Bringuier, Director of Product Management at Elemental, and Ryan Lewis, Technology Manager at Google Widevine, discuss Google’s approach to streaming video to mobile device and browsers, the benefits of MPEG-DASH for mobile video streaming, and Elemental Delta origin just-in-time streaming of MPEG-DASH with Widevine Modular DRM.

Elemental Delta

Lionel Bringuier, Director of Product Management for Elemental Video Delivery Products, focuses on Elemental Delta features and applications. The webcast includes product demonstrations and extensive Q&A.

The Future of Media Delivery

Subject matter experts from Dolby, Elemental, Verimatrix and VisualOn discuss specific efforts driving the future of media delivery and technologies that help customers create, secure and track high-value content for any device. The expert panel identifies industry innovations expected to see adoption over the next six to 24 months, including advances in video compression, packaging, audio processing and content protection.

Aligning Trends in Multiscreen Video

Keith Wymbs, Elemental Chief Marketing Officer, and Dustin Encelewski, Director of Product Marketing at Elemental, discuss aligning trends in multiscreen video and delve into the mechanics behind video processing in the cloud.

HEVC / H.265

HEVC / H.265 is an open standard intended to leverage exceptionally efficient video compression techniques. Without sacrificing video quality, HEVC can reduce the size of a video file or bitstream by as much as 50 percent compared to AVC/H.264 or as much as 75 percent compared to MPEG-2 standards. This results in reduced video storage and transmission costs and also paves the way for higher definition content to be delivered to consumers. Learn more about the HEVC standard, its expected adoption across industry segments and how Elemental solutions support migration to the new codec.

Monetizaciόn de servicios de video a multipantalla En Vivo-a-En Demanda

Este webinar enseñara como crear de manera instantanea video en demanda con catch-up, start-over y time-shift TV a partir de un contenido broadcast. El Webinar se enfocará en una plataforma de distribución de video que permite a los proveedores de video, optimizar la monetización, control y distribución de video a través de redes IP tanto internas como externas.

Monetizando serviços Live-para-VoD em multi-telas

Neste webinar falaremos sobre como criar videos on-demand com catch-up, start-over e time-shifted TV à partir de um conteúdo ao vivo. O webinar vai focar em uma plataforma de entrega que otimiza a monetização, a gerência e a distribuição de vídeo entre redes IP internas e externas.

Optimizar flujos de trabajo para procesamiento y distribución de videos

Los medios de comunicación, particularmente los canales de televisión, gastan muchos recursos para optimizar y hacer efectivo el traspaso de contenidos en vivo a plataformas digitales online (OTT, Apps, Websites, etc.). Actualmente estos medios necesitan muchas editores e ingenieros los cuales duplican procesos, pierden tiempo y costos tratando en resolver esta necesidad de forma óptima. En este Webinar mostraremos cómo es posible la integración de plataformas que permiten optimizar flujos, sindicalizar contenido y aumentar la monetización de videos