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Platform Components

Data Sheets

A revolutionary software platform transforming the business of video for more than 600 major brands around the globe. Find information here about the components of our software-defined video processing platform.

Elemental Live

Elemental Live is video processing software that provides real-time encoding for traditional linear and live streaming applications. Elemental Live executes simultaneous processing of multiple adaptive bitrate outputs, delivering the high-quality, high-efficiency performance required for streaming live video to any device.

Elemental Server

Elemental Server is video processing software that provides fast, high-quality video transcoding for file-based video applications. The software delivers simultaneous, faster-than-real-time conversion of multiple HD and SD video streams across an array of devices including TVs, PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Elemental Delta

Elemental Delta is a video delivery platform designed to optimize the monetization, management and distribution of multiscreen video across IP networks. The platform enables a complete solution for real-time content delivery, dynamic ad insertion, time-shifted TV services and live-to-VOD applications.

Elemental Statmux

Elemental Statmux is a software-based statistical multiplexer that optimizes content delivery for pay TV operators by reallocating bits in real time between video encoders and combining the outputs from multiple encoders into a single transport stream to make the best use of total available bandwidth and maximize network efficiency.

Elemental Cloud

Elemental Cloud is a service that combines industry-leading video processing software with the scale, elasticity and flexibility of the cloud. The service is designed to integrate cloud resources with existing workflows and expand processing capacity across a variety of deployment scenarios.

Elemental Conductor

Elemental Conductor is scalable management software that provides control and configuration of two or more Elemental licenses. It offers high availability, secure administration and comprehensive monitoring of multiple platform components through an easy-to-use web-based user interface.

Elemental Professional Services

Elemental Professional Services offers engagement-based delivery of consulting, integration, implementation, and training to support customers in deploying both traditional and IP-based video services.