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Submitted by Sam on October 16, 2008

After a significant amount of blood, sweat, tears -- and a little bit of coding as well -- the RapiHD™ Accelerator for Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4 is out the door! There's only one way to get: with the NVIDIA® Quadro® CX graphics board. This smoking hot board will change the way creative professionals interact with Adobe's Creative Suite 4. The coolest feature, of course, is rocket-fast H.264 encoding out of Premiere Pro CS4, powered by Elemental's RapiHD™ Video Platform. But that's just the beginning; there are many other workflow benefits to using this GPU throughout Creative Suite. NVIDIA has a nice Built for Professionals site illustrating all these advantages here.  The team has worked tirelessly to get RapiHD Accelerator out the door. Now every creative professional can harness the power of the GPU with the NVIDIA Quadro CX board and Elemental's RapiHD Accelerator! For details, PNY's site has some good technical details and specifications on the board. You can purchase the Quadro CX at NCIX or TigerDirect or CompUSA right now; many more outlets will have the product soon. Keep checking this list of Quadro CX resellers to stay on top of additional channels.

Submitted by Lisa on October 16, 2008

The Elemental Accelerator and NVIDIA GPU bundle have arrived just in time for Adobe's CS4 launch. The Adobe suite(s) are available through and the Elemental Accelerator and Nvidia Quadro CX bundle are currently available through Nvidia's website (

Submitted by Lisa on October 1, 2008

Elemental Accelerator for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ushers in a new era of high quality SD and HD H.264 rendering using the GPU. No longer will you be forced to start an H.264 encode and hope that it will complete successfully 10+ hours later. 

Elemental Accelerator brings efficiency to your Adobe Premiere Pro workflow, allowing a better use of time and resources by increasing the number of jobs that can be completed in a given time frame. Improve your customer satisfaction while simultaneously increasing your productivity. Provide samples to customers in the same format as the end products will be delivered without the time and resources that have been historically required.