Shhhh! Elemental Manages the Noise at CES 2012

Shhhh! Elemental Manages the Noise at CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of the busiest and loudest technology trade shows of the year. This year, Elemental is pleased to reign in the noise with a demonstration of its new audio management technology with partner SRS Labs at the Trump International Hotel. 

TV Noise

Almost everyone has experienced obnoxiously loud commercials while watching television. The local car dealership may air an advertisement that is ten times louder than the television program it interrupts. Abrupt changes in broadcast audio levels and the extremely unpleasant viewing experience this creates became such an issue in the U.S. that legislators stepped in to enact the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act. The legislation mandates that networks and broadcasters deploy technology and equipment to ensure delivery of a consistent audio volume across programming and commercials to consumers. With comparable initiatives being put into place internationally, many of Elemental’s customers will be impacted worldwide. 

Elemental is offering newly-integrated audio management technology that helps video service providers comply with the CALM Act by measuring, correcting, and reporting across hundreds of audio services. Video processing and delivery solutions from Elemental support audio normalization for traditional broadcast as well as audio correction for web broadcast for a consistent audio experience across all media. Download and read Elemental’s technical note to learn more. 

If you would like to come by to check out our demo at CES, let us know!